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Hi People

Here we go again, being hassled over this gas check and if Naomii Gwynne was really concerned for my health she'd be spending her time finding suitable alternate accomodation as it is, I've been getting yelled at through my interior door.

So today I am publishing a couple of emails which are copies of letters sent to the New Chief Executive Officer of Cardiff County Council. So as to let him know what his minions are getting up to. Still waiting on confirmation of receipt of my 24th Jan 2011 letter, but I did get one for the 20th as you shall see. Hope you like the Wanted poster.

From: Crazydave
Subject: Harassment by Naomii Gwynne thurs 3rd feb 2011
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 16:52:26 +0000

Hello Mr. House Not sure if you put her up to it but I find it odd that Naomii Gwynne turned up at my home yesterday, after my emailing you confirmation of receipt of your letter or did someone else get her to pay a visit one Sarah McGill for instance? What I found distasteful, and there ought to be a law protecting vulnerable adults from the like of her Yelling through the door. If a vulnerable adult does not choose to answer their door. They have their reasons and none need explaining to the likes of her. she also had trouble posting her little card through the door. Why is that well if she'd been briefed about the clients she has on her books she would have been told that Mr. Gabriel caught one of Mr. Watkins lodgers trying to gain unlawful entry to his flat by her little boy sticking his hand through the letter box and tripping the yale lock. fortunately for me I had the bolt at the bottom of the door in place.  

Not that any body ever gave a damn about that revelation/complaint in my blogs about another of Mr. Watkins Lodgers oh so long ago now. But since that night I screwed that letter box shut. 

So that I am free to go about my lawful business this coming week, without the fear of coming back and finding my interior door smashed to smithereens, and believe me that would have to be the case given what I have utilised that space for, or have stuff stolen by the scumbags who visit Mr. Watkins, when you all have left. Send your gas engineer out on Tues 8th Feb between the hours of 1400 - 1500 to do this needless test, and I trust it will not be the Colin character, because if it is he will be refused entry.  

I am reminded of the last time unelected officials of Cardiff County Council threatened to smash the front door in, in order to gain access to fix the hall lighting. It was not for my benefit and must have resulted from a complaint by Mr. Watkins yet the council employee kept sending me letters rather than liaise with Mr. Watkins. Because they were another lot who wanted to play games with the looney! Just like your Naomii. 

Its worth noting that since the fixing Mr. Watkins last lodger one Mr. Downs completely wrecked it and it has not been working since sometime in June 2009. I haven't noticed Mr. Watkins informing you lot of that though? So do you intend investigating that on my behalf Mr. House? As more evidence of discrimination and criminal negligence or harassment, all the while your Mr. Bradshaw claims me to be a vexatious complainant. I like to see him treated such for so long. I'd also like to holler at your Naomii at her home one day. What ever became of the replacement back door I was promised, or do you want me to shoot a video of the condition the current one is in Mr. House not that anyone in Cardiff County Council would be shamed by it. I rather imagine they would be laughing their socks off like the group who were listening in on speaker phone when one Gem Morris (support worker for Taff Housing) had me speak with the repair manager.  

One thing I would find delightful is to be able to afford to have the heating on for more than half an hour at a time. But hell you don't care about that either do you. Likely to die from carbon monoxide living under that regime Mr. Gabriel I think not Mr. House. 

Finally as Mr. Evans MP is a co-receiver of this and appears to be much the same as Julie Morgan during her tenure as my MP of string along but do nothing, else where is his confirmation email demanding that the info commissioner answer as to why they refuse to respond to Mr. Gabriel's emails. He might have written to someone demanding that 'Naomii's time might be better spent finding Mr. Gabriel suitable alternate accomodation' But then he appears to not mind that Cardiff Bus Drivers are using cannabis to wind down after a day at the wheel either, or are they all being given the opportunity to get it out of their system before weekly drug tests are instigated? Or not as the case appears.  

This will have to do for today Mr. House not that I expect any of these things to be considered given the history of neglect by Cardiff County Council and if you can do this to someone so vociferous in trying to defend themselves. The question arises as to what the likes of Naomii get up to with those tenants who can't even read or write. Adult Services Bulldoody Mr. House Vulnerable Adult protection bulldoody Mr. House more like Vulnerable Adult Abuse. 

As it is unlikely that I will have any assistance after this email all I can wish is a pox on your Naomii and hope that she ends up in a similar situation down the line and nobody give a flying fig for her plight, for a minimum 10 years. 

Needless to say this will become part of a blog, as will the copies of the emails sent to Naomii Gwynne which were copies of the letters sent you Mr. House co-received by Mr. Evans whose auto responder confirmed receipt. That is another recommendation I would make to some parliamentary body that all public service emails send back an automated confirmation of receipt of emails. If they ever cared to listen! 

Yours David Gabriel (you all have the address)

Prior to that I sent this one:

From: Crazydave
Subject: Hi Jon
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 16:50:58 +0000

Thanks for the letter confirming receipt of my 20th Jan 2011 letter. I hope that you have also received the 24th Jan 2011 as well. Nice to have an email address to reply to thanks! I would appreciate some action though to see me appropriately re-housed. All the Best David Gabriel

And prior to that I sent these copies of the letters sent to Mr. House to Naomii Gwynne trust you notice who the co-receivers are Judge:

From: Crazydave
Subject: Hi Naomii
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 20:35:00 +0000

Hi Naomii

Here is a copy of the first letter to Mr. House sent 20/1/11 I havent had a reply to that yet either. I wonder if you can forward my last email to you and this to Mr. House CEO of Cardiff County Council. So that he cannot use the excuse that they never arrived. I wonder if you might also mark them as urgent. Also below you will find and email I sent to Legsun the last thursday they are the contractors to do an electrical test prior to the fitting of a new bathroom and kitchen. It is self explanitory. Pity I don't get answers to 'What ever happened to the replacement back door that I was promised?' for last year?

To Jon House Chief Executive Officer Cardiff County Council 20/1/11

Hello Mr. House

This is the url to one of my latest blogs please read the update 9th Jan 2011 I am sure that someone at the Council will provide you with more details. Your Mr. Bradshaw would like to label me a vexatious complainant. since I have been requesting to be re-housed since Feb 2002 I would disagree. More like Corporate Discrimination to me! especially if you look at the public questions disallowed by the Council ie When will the Criminal Negligence end.

You might say that Mr. Murphy's refusal to nominate me a Social Worker after my refusal to attend a pyschiatric appraisal would come under Adult Services Protection of Vulnerable Adults a breech of the councils rule INSTITUTIONAL rigid and inflexible routines? One of the reasons I finally gave way and registered with a GP after 10 years.

The other issues such as privacy are a joke considering the configuration of the council property of which I am a tenant. I have contacted all and sundry hoping in vain it would seem that indeed some direct intervention would be offered me, in order tom end the mental torture that living under Mr. Watkins or anyone at this property would cause. I have lived in many shared houses in my life non have been so invasive into my privacy as this one. Neither have I had to put up with the threats or intimidation that I have at this property, and nothing done.

It would appear that I am being actively discriminated against and this year hopefully with your help that will end and sooner rather than later. I believe that what is written in this blog sufficient to have assistance in being re-housed, provided for by someone in the Council who is not prejudiced against me! I can only hope that it will be before the end of this month. So that Mr. Watkins never interfers in my day to day home life ever again. 

Yours David Gabriel (address supplied)
From: Crazydave
Subject: Simon Atterbury
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 17:37:40 +0000

Hi Simon

received your letter today date 20th jan 2011 re: (address supplied) cardiff. As the tenant I am in dispute with Cardiff Council over my re-housing until that is finalised there will be no electrtical testing or any kitchen or bathroom renovation taking place. So I would appreciate no more letters from your company.

David Gabriel

While this was the 2nd letter sent and emailed to Naomii Gwynne plus my MP one Jonathan Evans 
From: Crazydave
Subject: RE: Overdue gas safety check
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 17:19:28 +0000

Hi Naomii

I sent this letter to Jon House CEO of Cardiff CC today I hope it stops you from bothering me over this issue any more:


To Jon House CEO Cardiff County Council 24th Jan 2011 Hello Mr. House

I received a letter from Sarah McGill today dated the 14th Jan 2011. I have enclosed it for your attention. If I had my way Mr. House Sarah McGill would be another non elected council official who I would sue for complicity in Criminal Negligence with respect to my health n Welfare. I imagine that she is another who will say that she cannot read my blogs much like Carol O'Bryne said she could not, while Mr Bradshaw appears to have no problem in doing so. (Odd that one department can and another cannot?) Perhaps he was aware that the information commissioner wales refuses to respond to either emails or it would seem letters from me now as well.

If she watched the video or read this blog She might ask why is it that he has refused to allow the gas engineer Colin to enter his home for the previous 2 tests? In the note to Mr. Berman she refers to I did supply the wrong url to Mr. Berman but via twitter I asked Cllr Robinson to make him aware of that fact. I did indeed also direct message Mr. Berman on twitter with the proper url see spooky_dude history to verify. But then discrimination is so rife in your council with respect to anything that I contact it with, he probably ignored that message, much like the Cardiff Bus Drivers smoke dope to wind down after a days driving?

You will also see that I have often commented that no emails are ever supplied with correspondence from unelected officials and as I find using the phone a unhappy experience when dealing with the likes of council employees so I refuse to do so. In order to save me any annoyance. Email is my preferred method of contact as it mitigates against being wound up by public service employees.

I will state again that I do not use the gas fire in the lounge and that the boiler in my bedroom is discharging through the outlet pipe so there is currently no likely hood of my suffering any carbon monoxide poisoning. Ask your chief maintenance manager to confirm that 'given what he says Mr. Gabriel is in no danger'. What I would like is not to be faffed about by your re-housing office who refuse to supply the details as to what areas in the city bungalows can be found. The only reason why they keep returning their applications to me, because I will not place an area I would like to move to on it? 

You might also point out to Sarah McGill that I have been requesting re-housing since feb 2002 when I was first threatened with violence by Mr. Watkins. You might also see subsequently I have been threatened with the same by Mr. Watkins lodgers as well as by Mr. Fowler the resident of 17 garth Place. Here is the link to the first video I ever placed on youtube regarding his threat to burn down my fence.

See or this june 2009 as two examples. Others have been mentioned in your nuisance neighbour complaint booklet, which apparently are not worth filling in? See not sufficient evidence responses from the council, with respect of those and its a wonder they even bother sending them out considering that response. As for garden fencing I have said before now, get an court order because I would like to chat with the Judge. But she fails to mention that no replacement back door was ever fitted. Not that there is likely to be any investigation as to how many other tenants of the council in this area were fitted with both new front and back doors and was Mr. Gabriel's the only property not so updated.

You will also find that I have not responded to the kitchen survey letter or the electrical testing letters that I have received and that is because I do not wish the inconvenience, but would very much like to be re-housed. They can do the upgrade when I have left the property. Although I would say that it is unfit for human inhabitation in its current configuration. Not that anyone appears to accept that fact. So while Sarah McGill might go home to a peaceful home I have to put up with Mr. Watkins and the urchins from the estate invading my privacy night and day, night and day night and flipping day, to cheers no doubt from the discriminators. I think that if I were female non all of this would have ended in Feb 2002. 

Or some investigation would have taken place regarding the tenant support officers of Taff Housing employed to re-house me, at that time. But who effectively took the £1,000 payment from the Welsh Assembly and washed their hands of me. Due to my minimal income I will need help to move if and when that ever takes place and I would prefer that payment to be a grant rather than a loan, that is something a Social Worker would be better at getting than I, another reason for one to be allocated me to get me re-housed and enjoy the peace of a bungalow given my people aversion.

Yours David Gabriel an email confirmation at this address prior to a written one would be nice (email address supplied)

So what I am asking myself is who put her up to the visit on the 3rd of Feb 2011? not that any investigation into the likes of the Welsh Assembly Government over complicity in Criminal Negligence is likely to take place is it Mr. Carwyn Jones heck it might tarnish the reputation or Rhodri Morgan. Neither is there likely to be a criminal investigation by the police into Cardiff County Councils Adult Services. 'He's a vexatious complainant don'tcha know!'

I ought to shoot some video about all this and pop it on youtube not that having 507 videos on there todate has been of any help to me THE USUAL SUSPECTS (funny how that phrase is gaining in ussage Crazydave) are still getting away with it and having a vote for more powers.

SLING EM ALL IN JAIL would be my dream result. So that none of them can ever get away with such disregard that they have shown me in the future. Or that the likes of the BBC or The Echo can protect their backsides from some real scrutiny.


Not that they are likely to do anything after all not one councillor cared when I asked my public question way back when. Right time to go tweet and wonder just what do they get away with for mental health sufferes who cannot read or write?






Well well guess we had the quid pro quo game today when they didn't show up to do this urgent gas test. Guess it wasn't that urgent after all. Here are emails I sent yesterday and today.

From: Crazydave (supplied but hidden for privacy)

Subject: Recieved Housing application form
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 17:42:45 +0000

Hello Mr. House
Today I received yet another Re-Housing Application form. There were no details of what areas in Cardiff you have bungalows either owned by the council or Housing Association. Given that one size does not fit all and that they are likely to return the form to me if I do not put an area on it yet again.
What is the point in placing an area on the form that might not contain any bungalows at all? None what so ever Mr. Gabriel! Exactly. So by any chance do you think you could motivate someone to supply me with that. Or better yet if you have a bungalow currently available that I might consider or have one that it is likely the current occupier is about to be moved to sheltered housing because of health issues? Or is about to pass over?
Any of those might be of some real help to me. Given that this application form has been consistently returned to me since 2002! 10 years on the list if they accepted my application that is, rather than the games they have chosen to play.

I have created the blog out of the recent correspondence the title might tickle your fancy 'Cardiff C.C. concerned for your health Crazydave' and it can be viewed at this url it would be nice to have an quick email. Confirming that it is on its way. That is if your open to doing the unusual, and being helpful? Yours David Gabriel

While today it had to be this:

From: Crazydave
Subject: No show by gas engineer
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 17:35:01 +0000

Hi Mr. House

I waited till 1700hrs for your gas engineer to show but they did not. More game playing Mr. House? do you really expect me to arrange another appointment where the likelihood of another no show? Or is there some valid excuse that you'd care to offer given the 'screaming banshee' I had around last thursday apparently making out there was some kind of 'do or die urgency?'

Just to keep you updated! A not so amused tenant David Gabriel.

The saga Mr Edmunds can be viewed at

Meanwhile I tweeted earlier on today

@ @ see you have chosen to ignore this more discrimination by u Jonathan

and this:



and this:

@ like him tobe sitting at some serious scrutiny meeting answering questions about this

and this:

@ But this can happen in Wales and you've been complicit init

So I also had a go at the BBC presenter Jason Mohammed as he's another stooge for the establishment! Whikle Nick Bourne is the leader of the Welsh Conservative party to which Jonathan Morgan is a member.


@ @ Have a read of this Nick and your complicity? complicit Jason?

While on the 6th of Feb I sent Adrian an independant Cardiff County Councillor this tweet not that there's been a reply or that the Chair of the Adult Services Scrutiny Committee would be likely to do anything given my history of asking for help!

@ spooky
@ my latest blog I suggest you click the link WHO IS THE CHAIR OF ADULT SERVICES SCRUTINY

That is the kind of stuff that falls on deaf ears. Now when I go on twitter I look at other posts on the hashtags I've been posting to and I expect the people above do a similar thing yet they remain silent as does the media Eh Mr. Edmunds? Will it ever change Chief Constable Vaughan after all who is your Twitter feed deligated to?
Update over.


Having heard nothing from Mr. House via email I've sent this to Mr. Ralph Cook in the hope that something gets done and questions are asked and answered.

From: Crazydave
Subject: Complaint of criminal negliegence/discrimination by head of Adult Services Mike Murphy

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 19:06:30 +0000

Hello Ralph
I have posted a large number of blogs regarding the situation that I am in. You might recall that I asked a public Question at a full council meeting not so very long ago? I have recently sent a complaint regarding your Mr. Michael Murphy head of Adult Services it can be viewed at this url as you will see in the 9th Jan 2011 update the complaint officer refused to accept the complaint. I trust that the additional information on the blog points out where Mr. Murphy ignored his own directive that of insensitive and rigid routines,. I believe that the demand to attend an psychiatric assessment for a social workers assistance when the client is unwilling to attend due to past dealings with mental health teams one such rigid routine that ought to be seriously challenged.

So as nothing has been done or answered by anyone of note I wrote to the new CEO of the Council Mr. Jon House that correspondence can be viewed at this url I trust that this is sufficient for you to hold the various unelected officials of Cardiff County Council to account on my behalf at your next Adult Services Scrutiny Meeting being held on the 15th Feb 2011. Maybe you can ask the questions the blogs raise. One I would dearly like answered is the questions regarding the replacement back door? The how many properties in my area gabalfa had replacement front and back doors, and how many did not, or was Mr. Gabriel's the only council property in the area not to receive one? Because the Local Government Ombudsman refused to ask that question on my behalf as has the Equality Human Rights Commission, my MP or my Assembly Member?  

Discrimination Mr. Cook I think so! especially considering all my efforts to get the question asked. I shall be posting this email to my blog Cardiff County Council concerned for your health Crazydave? In the hope that it adds pressure for something to be actually finally done on my behalf. Because 10 years of trying is 9 and a half years to long Mr. Cook. By anyone's standards! As for Mental Health I would suggest that consideration be given to their enjoying similar rights as the Physically disabled in terms of bus passes. As their minimum incomes keeps them from enjoying the freedom of movement that the physically disabled enjoy in terms of being able to travel to any area of the city and beyond.  

Yours David Gabriel

Its worthy of note that in Weds the 9th Feb Edition of the South Wales Echo the Star letter on the Letter to the Editors page was one dealing with the issue of Protocol by Assmebly Members. Its a pity Mr. Edmunds and Co. were not so effusive in their praise of my Bart Simpson banner dealing with this very issue way back in 2005 when it was displayed on the roadside furniture outside their old offices? The ones the Council Goon Squad came and started to cutting off. With not one word of censure by the Echo or Western Mail to the Council over Freedom of Expression Rights.

Seems that certain people are denied those rights Crazydave. Or the abuse of those rights are hidden by a corrupt media? Eh Mr. Edmunds. See this blog for details

REMEMBER FOR A FULL LIST OF BLOGS GO TO Oh and by the way the video below was published on youtube in August 2007! Titled:

Protocol the Assembly memebers get out of Jail free card! 


Here is a copy of an email To Jon House CEO of Cardiff County Council sent today. Another Money Saving Idea from Crazydave

Hi Mr. House

I didn't see any proposal in the Draft Budget that I picked up at the last Adult Services Scrutiny Committee meeting, regarding the reduction in Street Lighting! Being as it was another of the solutions that were first proposed in my blogs, a number of other Authorities have taken up the idea and are currently saving themselves a goodly coupla grand per year.

I know that those programmed to be negative to any change would moan and groan about this, but considering that most of them are in bed when the likely reduction take place their arguments don't really hold up. Plus there must be some way that rather than cut them off completely the technology must be there for ever other light to go off a a certain time.

I know that on the Gabalfa Estate especially in the winter this would not cause any issues at all because the streets are virtually deserted, whether in winter or in summer once its past 2300hrs. Most of the time during winter you would be lucky to see anyone past 2100hrs.

This is perhaps another thing that Mr. Bradshaw would call vexatious? Or a jolly good idea for saving money! Once the infra structure technology has been paid for or already exists and just needs switching on?

I hope I here something soon about being given some assistance with being re-housed. I hope that Mr. Evans puts his weight behind this proposal, where he appears reluctant to with other solutions I have had to offer this society, with certain problems.

Yours David Gabriel
You can email Mr. House or Mr. Evans MP for Cardiff North at these addresses if you agree,
End of todays Update.


Hi People

Fed up with Mr. House the CEO of Cardiff County Council seeming to take for ever to come to a decision over getting me re-housed and wanting this question asked. Today I sent the clerk of the council the following email. I wonder what the answer will be to the question on how much is likely to be returned to Whitehall following the 5.61% rent increase?

For Jeff Parry Clerk to the council


Hello Jeff

I would like to ask the following public question at the full council meeting on the 24/3/11. I hope it conforms to the stricture around public questions and that you can confirm receipt of this email asap. Or do I have to also deliver it by letter? Hit reply and say 'no that's fine' would do.

'It  is my belief that the council fails in its 'duty of care' to its tenants and the people of this city, by not recommending that its council tenancies be transferred to housing association ownership.

Given that over the last 10 years it has returned £134 million in rent monies back to whitehall.

Given that the above inflation rent rise for 2011 is 5.61% Can the Leader of the Council tell us what the expected figure for 2011/12 will be in returned rents to Whitehall?

I would like to take this opportunity, to ask this council to vote to recommend such a transfer of ownership for the nominal sum of £1. And that in the drawing up of documents during the transfer that all tenants are given a share in the ownership of the Housing Association, with equal voting rights as any executive member who deal in the day to day running.

In any other business this practice of returning rent monies would be viewed as price fixing. Where higher than necessary rents are the result. It is unfortunate for me that SWPolice fail to acknowledge this as no doubt would the CCC run Trading Standards office.

Such a transfer would mean a growth over time in the availability of more Social Housing. At current rent levels because all monies would remain in its accounts.j

One can only wonder at the motivation of unelected officers of this council not recommending such a change years ago to the elected members!

Yours sincerely David Gabriel


Hi People

Well today I attended the Full Council of Cardiff County Council and my public question was not on the adgenda. I had to interrupt the Lord Mayor in order to make him and the members aware of the fact that I had placed one, and that I had received no acknowledgement or receipt or whether the question fitted the illegal perameters they demad for the Asking of a question. (They violate the spirit if not indeed the letter of the Human Rights Act and accountability)

So I have to resend or hand deliver it. Apparently Mr. Parry is no longer the Clerk to the Council but it should have gotten through on the following I am adding the co-receivers of the email for evidential purposes of continued discrimination by Unelected Officials towards my lovely self.

Here they are then: From: Crazydave

Subject: Public Question to be asked 24/3/11
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 17:31:09 +0000

For Jeff Parry Clerk to the council


Hello Jeff

I would like to ask the following public question at the full council meeting on the 24/3/11. I hope it conforms to the stricture around public questions and that you can confirm receipt of this email asap. Or do I have to also deliver it by letter? Hit reply and say 'no that's fine' would do.

It was interesting that the main debate today was all around LDP or Land Development Plans and the expected 42% rise in Cardiff's population by the year 2033. development on Green Field sites looking like a necessity unless they have a Regional Approach to Housing!

I guess I will have to mention that in the preamble to the question when they next meet. For a change it was at County Hall and not City Hall as is usual.

The most interesting aspect as far as me goes is that Kate Berry is due to resign. She of the block my emails decision. Not that the Local Government Ombudsman cares about violation of Human rights by unelected officials of Councils. while I have written on it in the past its worth reiterating here. That it is illegal to discriminate agaisnt a person for the way they express themselves.

I would point you in the direction of the Judith Woodman videos on mine on youtube at iamcrazydave for the addmitting to of said crime, chief constable. But what is the point of that Crazydave.

Again its the question of are there to many councils in Wales to make wise decisions on our behalf? I agree with regional planning it only makes sense. For years I have been wondering when Cardiff's and Newport's urban spread finally merge! What will we call it then NewCardiff?

So I have to wait another month to ask the question pity but there we go. I did leave a note at Rodney Berman's house last night asking could he get Mr. Bradshaw to reply to my email for the review of his Freedom of Information refusal. Asked Mr. Berman if he had during recess. Mr. Berman refused to acknowledge my question? Discrimination Mr. Berman! But then that has been his reaction when he used to pass me outside the Welsh Assembly when I first began protesting there.

Now its time to send this, to a few of the councillors who did show interest in my plight. Namely Russel Goodway and Jane Cowan soon to be Deputy Mayoress!

Here is the link to my first publuic question asked way back in 2009 it appears that the Web Cast for that meeting is no longer available how long to they have them up on their site for? shouldn't they remain there for future generation to view?

Update over.



I attended Cardiff County Councils Adult Services Scrutiny Committee meeting today and again the Cahriman Mr. Ralph Cook refusd to allow members of the public to address the Committee. I was under the impression that members of the public could address them  but Mr. Cook believes we are not allowed to. He beleives that some member ought o put forward a motion that we can. Why doesn't he propose it.

He dfid say that he wou7ld write to me regarding the Mr. Michael Murphy complaint last week at the full council meeting but I have yet to receive anything. I left early because I did not wish tio see Mr. Murphy performig infront of the Committee. I wonder if Mr. Cook was in my position and I was in his whether he would feel like calling me, a co-conspiritor in the continued Criminal Negligence by Cardiff County Councils unelected and elected officials. Well would ya Mr. Cook?

Guess I will have to trawl through the blogs at the time of my Jan 2009 Public Quiestion and rfead through the regulations Mr. Parry sent me at that time. I am sure they mentioned Scrutiny meeting where members of the public could ask questions. So either Mr. Cook is being mislead or he is misleading the other members of the committee? 





It seems that Mr. Ralph Cook ought to know better! I finally got round to reviewing the Proceedural rules surrounding asking public quesgtions 11.1 states that 15 minutes of any meeting Full Council or scrutiny be given over to public questions.

I wonder if it was the constables presence at the meeting that did not allow me to make the committee aware of a serious and believe me I make it with conviction! complaint of didcrimination and criminal negligence by the head of Adult Services one Mr. Michael Murphy!

Mr. Cook was aware that I desired to ask question over attempted cover ups by the Complaints officer involved, named in previous blogs. Of said complaint. I fail to see how a chairperson of Mr. Cooks experience was not aware of this. Or is it that anty serious investigation of my claims would eventually land in the lap of the previous Labour administration?

Makes ya wonder Crazydave! So I've been tweeting the links to the blog where the Procedural Rules have been placed by me and letting the soon to be deputy Mayoress Jayne Cowan aware of this. Like so

@ R. Cook did mislead Adult Serv Scrutiny Com on 31/3/11 PQ are allowed 11.1

and like this

@ proceedural rules for asking public questions 11.1 chairman scrutiny not aware @

and this just now

R. Cook did mislead Adult Serv Scrutiny Com on 31/3/11 PQ are allowed 11.1

Collusion Crazydave! Given the years I've been ignored Officer you have to be thinking that don't you!

Where was @jasonphonein on housing issues with the gang of four this week no where! Never once asked what would you do to stop the £1 billion in Council rents being returned to Whitehall. Mr. Mohammed doing very nicely for himself now but does he know what could befall him in the future yet to be?



Seems that my public question was full of statements and had to be revised, according to the letter recieved today from Mike Davies the new Clerk to the Council. I have ammended it and attepted to send it by fax this evening but it appears the Council does not leave its fax machine on during the evening, Why?

So here is the ammended version, and I hope that it is accepted.

Hi Mike  

thanks for your letter dated the 8/4/11 Here then is my revised public question. I trust that it now meets all the requirements for me to ask it on the 14th April 2011 full council meeting, as follows.  

Does this council agree that it has failed in its 'duty of care' to its tenants and the people of this city, by not recommending that its council tenancies be transferred to housing association ownership. Given that over the last 10 years it has returned £139 million in rent monies back to whitehall?

Given the above inflation rent rise for 2011 of 5.61% Can the Leader of the Council tell us what the expected figure for 2011/12 will be in returned rents to Whitehall?

I would like to take this opportunity, to ask this council to vote to recommend such a transfer of ownership for the nominal sum of £1. And that in the drawing up of documents during the transfer that all tenants are given a share in the ownership of the Housing Association, with equal voting rights as any executive member who deal in its day to day running.

Does this council agree that in any other business this practice of returning rent monies would be viewed as price fixing. Where higher than necessary rents are the result? 
Will this Council ask South Wales Police to open an investigation into the legislation that allows for this rent money to be returned to Whitehall as being nothing short of 'gaining money by deception' at best and 'benefit fraud' at least given that 85% of council tnenats are in receipt of housing benefit.

Does this council agree that such a transfer would mean a growth over time in the availability of more Social Housing. At current rent levels because all rent monies would remain in its accounts?

Will this council open an investigation as to why unelected officers of this council have not recommending such a change years ago to the elected members, and does it agree that their not doing so has been to the detriment of Social Housing provision within the city, given the above?

During my last appearance before the full council I was not given the opportunity to ask my supplimentary question under procedural rules I trust that this time I will be allowed to do so. I would also like to take the opportunity to raise a point of information that I believe this council ought to be made aware of, regarding committee meeting? In the hope of educating chairpersons of such meetings in the future!

Yours sincerely David Gabriel
(address supplied)

Here is my latest video placed on youtube again asking questions that the National Media prefer not to? Why does the Electoral Commission have a twitter account if they don't respond to direct messages on it?



So here is the email I had to send today over this incorrect FAX number Mr. Mike Davies Clerk to the Council sent me and the co-recievers email addresses. Although its unlikely you will see South Wales Echo or the Western Mail running anything on it now will you Crazydave, Oh no! Any reasons why Mr. Edmunds?

From: Crazydave
Subject: Council employee misdirection? or deliberate game playing?
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 14:02:33 +0000

Hello Mr. Evans

the fax number that Mr. Davies mentioned in his letter apparently was to Schools IT but I doubt there will be an investigation into how that error occurred but I have managed to send it by getting the real fax number off the councils web site and have the receipt of sending at 14.34hrs to 02920872691 and not the 02920872431 Mr Davies advised it be sent to?

I trust that Mr. Edmunds will reflect on his newspapers attitude towards myself and perhaps ask himself does someone really have to post 520 videos on youtube and over 150 blogs to make a case for Corporate discrimination/criminal negligence? seeing as I first asked to be re-housed in Feb 2002 how many other tenants have been re-housed by the council since then. A bit like I don't believe the Council when it claims that other back doors were not fitted in my area, its easy to lie in a letter where is the documentary evidence?

Mr. House being a former police officer must be asking himself the same questions, but then is he really doing anything to re-house me with direct social services assistance? It does not look like. Perhaps you can forward this to hijm on my behalf just incase the council still has my email blocked another violation of the human rights act. Discrimination of an individual based on their use of language/expression? Will there be criminal proceedings against council employee who made the decision to do that I very much doubt it.

yours as ever David Gabriel

Here it is the video shot before I found out that the FAX number was incorrect? Eh chief constable! Didn't want the question asked don't want to run society on COMMON SENSE grounds!

Well that is update over I have tweeted about this #cdfcouncil #swpolice #heddlu not that @swpolice ever get back to me but maybe its time I found out the proper name of the officer at the 31st March 2011 Adult Services Committee meeting? see @spooky_dude on twitter for my tweets!


the clerk to the council claimed that they did not receive a Fax on tuesday so they had amended the question on my behalf! I was not happy about this but as I wished to ask my supplementary agreed to it.

The Lord Mayor stopped me during its asking and demanded that I discontinue to ask it, with microphone being switched off etc. and my being ushered out of the chamber. I did try and make the members aware that games were afoot but I am not sure they really care. Not one came out to aks me anything not that they could because the ushers removed me from the building.

So now I guess its up to you people to raise a fuss but I doubt that you will to busy with your own live and problems but for the record here is the full question. Again I ask do the limitations on public questions by Cardiff County Council violate the Spirit and the letter of Human Rights Legislation and the ability to hold public servants to account?

Would my case be dealt with differently if I were a female claiming rape?

Supplementary Question to Full Council 14th April 2011

Does this Council agree that a Council tenant who 1st requested to be re-housed in Feb 2002 due to threats of violence from the tenant above. who has placed 520 videos on youtube written over 150 blogs and sent over a thousand emails, demonstrated outside the Welsh Assembly for 2 years with an ever growing array of banners, regarding his housing issues, continued intimidatiion threats of violence, arson and the property still not meeting minimum building standard regulations, and still finds himself in the self same property is indeed a victim of Corporate Discrimination and Criminal Negligence. Given the number of other tenants who have been re-housed in this time frame. 

Will this Council vote for him to be issued with a Social Worker with the expressed aim of re-housing him as soon as possible in a property where he is unlikely to be the subject of game playing by any other human being to the detriment of his peaceful enjoyment of his home life? 

Will this council also vote for the immediate suspension of the head of Adult Services one Mr. Murphy, the head of Social Services one Mrs Bahwaja and the chief of housing and neighbourhood renewal one Sarah McGill pending an investigation into their role in the corporate Discrimination and Criminal Negligence claim made here today against one David Gabriel, or does he really have to murder someone, for such an investigation to take place? I hope that there are two among you who will propose and second these motions on my behalf, and that such an investigation takes into account the role of elected members in this neglect for Mr. Gabriels health and welfare. Thank you!


For the non-readers I have put this video of the supplementary question on youtube.


Hey guess what Twitter has suspended my @spookydude account had the notice over the weekend anythjing to do with contacting SWPolice Crazydave? Who can say hardly democratic though is it? Was it the rape comparison? Or was it to silence any further questioning of #cdfcouncil ? Here are some other videos for you


Thought I would put my latest video on youtube up so you all can have a gander. I am still peeved that twitter has put blocks on my @spooky_dude account seeing as I have not been doing anything other than maximising the service. It reeks of political censorship but today I have py-passed that using another alter ego namesake!

So here is the vid hope the EHRC get to view it sometime.

 UPUPDATE 19th MAY 2011
Here is the video shot at the last Adult Services Committee Meeting day. Mr. Ralph Cook being the Chairperson of the meeting and not responding to a letter given him 3 months ago I think the claim of aiding n abetting Criminal Negligence kinda fits the bill Crown Prosecution dudes! Eh Chief Constable Vaughan?

What became of my complaint to the Electoral Com UK on twitter that Julie Morgan is an unfit proper person to run for public office. Well seeing as Julie Morgan did get Elected today I am following that up, via their web page, and how come my tweet was never responded to? The complaint still holds as far as I am concerned. End of update cos its been so slow to do this on Council Computers.

Here is to the public scrutinising the scrutiny committees at local councils, with rules that violate the spirit if not the letter of HRA legislation ripped up and thrown away!! Eh Mr. Cook